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Purchased a few kinds of cookies and the croissants to bring to my daughter at college. She and her friends have been raving about them. Love the peanut free - a friend who normally can’t eat many cookies loved these!

Janet Judge Dieso 🧑‍⚖

I've been ordering from Brooklyn Delights Bakery for a few years now. I've never been disappointed in any of my orders. Can't wait for my next order to get in. Had to get some coffee to go with the sweets this time.

Michael Esparza 😄

This was my first order (out of state customer), I bought several various pieces for my Uncle's birthday. He received them today and is quite pleased! Can't wait to buy more gift packages for the holidays!

Louise Marie Gross 🎂

Received my cookies and wonka bars today!
Absolutely delicious 😋 2 enthusiastic thumbs up 👍👍

Roger Perry 😆

Brownies, black & Whites are amazing! Staff is so nice and prices are great.


Debbi Butler-Maran 😍

The first time I ordered from Brooklyn Delights, I sent the variety packs of cookies to both of my sons. They loved the cookies, especially the Black & White Cookies and Full Moon Cookies. Since then I have ordered the 2-packs of mini Black & White Cookies and Linzer Tartes for a special event. Everyone who attended this event loved the cookies.

Jan Sabran-Wolfert 🤗

ordered online items and the items are so fresh and amazing, also carefully packed and shipped fast..... will be ordering again! thank you

Bonnie Davault 🥳


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